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How to play


You have 24 Hours of Energy per day, and 30 days to become the greatest rockband of all time. Different Actions take different amounts of energy. For Example, writing a song will cost you 6 hours of energy.


Every action takes some energy, some may cost band bucks, critic approval, happiness or fans

Write Song

You can say, 'Write a song'. If it's a good song it will boost your band's critic approval.

Find Gig

You can say, 'Find a Gig'. This can get earn band bucks and fans.


You can say, 'Pratice'. This can give your band a higher critic approval.


You can say, 'Rest'. This can increase band happiness.

Band Management

You can say, 'Band Management'. For Information on Status Symbols, Banking, and general band changes.


Tell me what you want to do, you can,'Write a song', 'Market Band', 'Find a Gig', 'Practice', 'Rest', 'Band Management', or, 'Get Status'.


Say, 'Get Status' or Tell me what you would like to do next.